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Navigating your Business During COVID-19 Crises

Digital Marketing

Coronavirus means isolation. And isolation suggests social media and the COVID-19 outbreak is making us spend more time on all those platforms we’re already addicted to. Over the past couple of weeks, since quarantine has been implemented around the world, there has been a 76% increase in usage and daily accumulated likes on social media ad posts.

The spread of coronavirus has boosted digital media consumption across the world as people spend more time at home and interact in person less. But will it impact businesses using social media platforms to enhance engagement? In the coming months, businesses are going to become more dependent on their digital strategy than ever. A good digital strategy will be the deciding factor in whether they make it through the tough times ahead. The unforeseen and almost-total dissolution of all channels related to live-events and conferences, and the growing barriers on face-to-face business, pose an enormous challenge. Key to resilience is the development of ongoing possibilities to mitigate this loss.

This article studies the requirement of boosting a business’s digital marketing strategy during these turbulent times of a pandemic eruption. 

What can your business do?

During this challenging time, protecting the health of your loved ones is, understandably, your number one priority. Social distancing may place much of ordinary life on pause, but that does not mean it’s also a time that you can let your SEO methods and attention to rankings slide. SEO can save a website from a situation of almost 0 revenue that is created by an uncontrollable external reason like COVID-19. Below are the top reasons to not stop your SEO efforts while we wait for the threat of the Coronavirus to pass. 

With thousands of people working from home and schools being closed, people are relying on the internet more than ever. Over the weeks, a considerable boost has been observed on the use of the internet. Furthermore, PPC trends indicate that clickthrough rate has also improved. With more people online, now is a great time to do new keyword research to see how people’s search inclinations are changing. Additionally, though long-term keywords may not always lead to clicks, this is an opportunity to enhance site traffic by creating content to target these searches.

Though some businesses are still continuing at a normal workflow, others may see a slump in sales, appointments, etc. With more time on their hands, professionals are turning their attentiveness to marketing efforts for branding, improving traffic and trying to grab whatever services needed by the customers. Now is a great time to write blogs, update core content, reinforce a social media campaign, etc. Rather than let your competitors use their time to get ahead in Google rankings, you should start utilising SEO techniques or update the ones you already have in place.

Now is a great time to experiment with your business practices or finding new ways of doing things. You can consider having more client meetings via Skype or implementing more electronic documents. If you’re a fitness instructor, you may need to offer online fitness classes in order to keep your client base. Whatever idea you considered, now is a great time to expand your services in creative ways. Since most brands don’t belong directly in the COVID-19 conversation, almost every business globally will be impacted in some way.

However, there are little things your business can do to help in these moments. One of the most important tasks to do is communicating clearly with your customers since it’s always better to over-communicate than under-communicate, especially in times of crisis. If your team shifting to remote work will affect customer service response times or delivery times, that is something worth sharing.

With a large number of companies by COVID-19, the impacted consumers are getting much more communication than usual from the brands and companies that they engage with. It is important to make sure that the information you are providing them is empathetic to that and focused on conveying only essential information. When it comes to determining what to say when you put out a message in these times, the details matter. Strive to make all communication clear and relevant, and avoid causing assumptions and share decisions early to give you customers as much time as possible to react.

In a time of uncertainty and quarantine, clients and customers are likely to be more open to changing the patterns because the old practices simply can’t happen. It’s a good time to take a look at the bigger picture and reevaluate what social media means to your business in a time of global crisis. A spokesperson can represent your company and interact actively with your audience via your social media platforms to spread awareness at a time like this. 

SEO and the help of a digital marketing agency are some of the best ways to push your new services through. Designing new pages of content, updating SEO features and choosing the keywords that correspond with your new services are all crucial to a successful launch. This is also a great time to revamp your website with new designs or a new website launch altogether.

If you haven’t reconsidered your business goals, it is the perfect time to reflect on any existing plans for the end of the crises and head into a new phase for your business. Rethink your content and social media plans to tailor them to the changing needs of consumers right now.

It’s also a good time to reflect on any goals you had for the coming months as priorities may need to change. There may be months left to ride out before the Coronavirus is no longer a threat, and this will eventually pass. Once life returns to normal, businesses will thoroughly resume. Future minded clients may even start booking appointments once the number of COVID-19 cases finally starts to diminish. 

By building a campaign now, you are more likely to have established successful rankings when social distancing and quarantining comes to end. Therefore if you act now, your return on investment will be larger in the foreseeable future. If you wait, you’ll be competing with all the other businesses who decided to economise on spending until needs increased. When the worst is over, your website will stay on top while browsing with increased visibility.

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